Monday, September 2, 2013

You thought I had a temper before....

So here we are... so close to the end. What we have learned so far is that pregnancy is an amazing beautiful thing. We really are amazing creatures when you consider the fact that all of this could come from just a few little cells. It's also a very interesting and sometimes an embarrassing time in a woman's life. I mean... I have had to say and do some things I never saw myself having to go through with.
That being said though, I am sure it has become quite obvious that I am not very good at being pregnant. Do I love babies? yes! Am I so excited to meet my kid I can't stand it? yes! Am I eternally grateful that God has entrusted in me to look after this precious gift? Absolutely! Is it worth it? 100% Do all of these things add up to me being able to handle pregnancy gracefully? Absolutely not.
 I am hormonal, I am a crier, and if you thought that I could fly off the handle before, you don't even need to be around me now. Seriously. My poor husband treads lightly around me these days I think. I think he realizes I am a ticking time bomb and the bigger I get, the worse it is. I have a rolling list of pet peeves that get my blood boiling, random people I have never seen before touching my belly, people who have never been pregnant or had children before giving me advice on pregnancy or telling me what I "should" do, and rude children and adults. Last night we went to Wal-Mart late so that husband could fix something on his hunting license and I almost punched a kid.
Dear Parents, teach your children about personal space. Teach them that the rudest thing you can do is push another person, especially a stranger, out of their way. That stranger could be me and at 37 wks pregnant, I'll just plead temporary insanity. Teach them manners, please. If that kid would have said, "Excuse me." I would have said, "I'm sorry I didn't see you" and moved out of the way. Instead his tatted up loud and obnoxious father got my go to hell and get your kid out of my way look. Which was so much nicer then what was about to come out of my mouth.
Anyways, with each day that goes by I am more and more ready to have this baby. We finished all our pre-baby grocery shopping today and if he is not here tomorrow I am going to finish my pre-baby freezer meals. Well maybe... I am not exactly sure where these will go being as how both of my freezers are packed! :)

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