Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No sleep for the pregnant.

Today was another off day and unfortunately my freaking oven went out so I couldn't even bake to make myself feel better. Actually that's probably a good thing. I don't know why I do that but I should probably stop before my husband starts gaining a bunch of weight. Anyways, I moped around the house all morning and forced myself to clean and finish my homework except for one discussion but I think I'll wait a few days on that one being as how I ended up in a class with 40 procrastinators. Oh college...

This afternoon however my sweet Grammy and Grampy called to check in on me and I just about lost it. If you read this blog regularly then you know that I have a grandmother that is dealing with cancer. What started out as breast cancer has turned into full fledge, all over her body cancer. However, my Grammy is everything a strong woman should be made of. Her faith and hope amaze me and inspire me. Let me give you a little background... My Grammy is actually my stepdad's mother but I have never looked at this side of my family as step, just as mine and the same goes for them. My sister and I have always been treated as their grandchildren and they are very excited about their first great grandbaby. Grammy and Grampy are also Christians and very much involved with their faith. They are also my idol couple. Never have I ever met another couple that is so in love with one another like these two. It's like watching a romantic never ending movie when you are near them. After my first marriage ended I studied the two of them and decided that if I ever got married again, I wanted a love like that. I wanted a hardworking husband who came home and flirted and laughed with me every evening. I wanted to be a strong, supportive wife who would put the Lord and her husband first and learn to lean upon the two. Two years later when I met Joe I looked for qualities in our relationship that could resemble those I had seen in theirs and when I found them I knew that this guy was the person I was suppose to be with. Worked out pretty well I might add. Back to the story I started with... ( I do not know how I get off on these little detours.)

So Grammy and Grampy called today to see if I was any closer to bringing their great grandbaby into the world and of course... I am not because my child is stubborn just like me. To hear my Grammy's sweet little voice just tore me up though. She hardly sounded like herself and it took every thing I had to keep it together on the phone. However, we had the opportunity to pray together over my sweet boy making his appearance soon and Grammy told me she had faith God would hear our prayers. Ugh. I can barely keep it together now. This pregnancy hormonal stuff is for the birds. I am pretty sure that if Grammy has faith though that's a pretty good reason for me to as well. Also, it amazes me that with everything she is dealing with, she can still be so selfless. Melts my heart.

We have another appointment on Thursday and I am hoping they are going to tell me that there has been some change but so far nothing has changed. Everything is still completely closed and Man!, am I frustrated and uncomfortable. He still will not stay in position and every time I do all my little exercises and get him to move down, he wiggles right back up and lays sideways. After all of the things that I had to do to keep him in, you would think he would come busting out as soon as I gave him the green light, but no. Apparently he realized sometime within the last month that the outside world isn't much fun. I can't blame him really, I mean if I was hanging out in a climate controlled water bed all day I'd probably stay in too.

Also, I have been on one of my natural birth research kicks again. Has anyone else heard of delaying cord clamping? I have been reading up on how 33% of a baby's blood is still within the cord after birth and midwives and doctors are now suggesting that you should wait between 2-15 minutes or until the cord stops pulsing to clamp so that the baby receives all of it's blood back. I also read that all those babies that look a little blue after birth look that way because their cords were clamped to soon. Any suggestions, thoughts, or know anything about this? You'd think this would be a common practice but from what I read not all doctors wait. Strange.

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