Monday, March 19, 2012

Heartbeat at our feet

We became traitors in the eyes of three fuzzy creatures on Saturday when Joe brought home a new baby.

Sleepy Baby
Say hello to Tiberius aka Ti, future hunting companion for my Manfriend, attention thief, and receiver of ooo's and aaa's.

And don't forget to say hello to Murphy who use to be the attention thief and the receiver of ooo's and aaa's. He has been a little angry at me lately. Although today we finally decided to play with Ti during lunch. Watch video HERE. (It kills me how Ti just rolls. Like a little alligator! ) Anyways, that is enough of me sharing my Murphy and Ti obsession for the day. :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

I've got mad skills

So!, I actually have a little bit of free time and being as how I have this little bit of free time, I believe that it is time to play catch up. Also, I'm still upset that you all have not sent out the search party for me. You should still feel bad about that. Oh!, and don't listen to anything that Happy Cobra has to say, I am not a fishing en-titlist. (Happy Cobra by the way, is my new agent. So if you do not like anything I have to say, you should take it up with the Cobra. Fair warning though she is very bitey.)
Anyways, I just wanted you to know that I have not been completely honest lately. I haven't just been buried under my mountain of homework I have actually been doing a lot of fishing and hunting these last couple of months. See check it out y'all. I killed ducks...
My first Pintail  

And then....
Little Rainbow caught with a fly rod
I killed fish. This last picture does not do my mad fly fishing skills justice however. I actually caught a huge Rainbow before this but of course I did not take a picture. Sad face.
Recently I have been brainstorming about how I am going to become a millionaire and I decided that the only way for me to do this is to use my super sweet blogging skills. I discussed this with my very bitey agent and I decided that I should become a millionaire by telling you all about my adventures. Which totally sounds like a good idea, even if I do not become a millionaire. However the other night while I was discussing this with my Manfriend he pointed out a very good point to me. He said something along the lines of, "How are you going to be the great white huntress blogger if you hate early mornings and cold weather?" Apparently most of the little creatures that I am after only like freezing ass morning temperatures. I guess this is a valid point but what he does not realize is that I motivated. Even though I plan on griping for at least the first hour of each of my adventures. Griping is something I do very well!

Me: "Damn it's cold out here! This sucks! Why do we have to be out here so early?"
Manfriend: "Because this is when the ducks are most active."
Me: "But why? My feet are cold. My hands are cold. I lost feeling in my right butt cheek an hour ago."
Manfriend" "Will you be quiet?"
Silence for about 2 minutes
Me: "I can't feel the left butt cheek now."
Manfriend: "Ssshh"

Anyways, stay tuned for more adventures.