Saturday, September 19, 2015

Indian Summer

It's Friday night... well technically it is now Saturday morning and I am sitting here, watching VJ Loco and realizing just how un-hip I am these days. It's ok, I have come to terms with it.

So let's talk about this last summer because so many fun things happened.
First of all, SHE came home. The Gypsy is finally in my possession after a whole year of waiting and planning and moving. We have so much work ahead of us but as of right now she's in enough shape that she can be used. I take full advantage of this whenever I can. In fact there are bags sitting right next to my front door because we are off Sunday for vacation and birthday time in the Gypsy. I feel so blessed to have her. In fact, I would just like to say, I am blessed to have family who held on to her for me.

In case you don't know the whole story of the Gypsy let me tell you:
So my Great Grandparents (technically my "step" great grandparents) had the Gypsy and I have been in LOVE with her for quite some time. I've had this vision as long as I can remember of just traveling around, being a little hippie/gypsy, and raising my family out in the wilderness. I blame it primarily on being raised half of the time on the Ranch where we were given free reign to run wild like a bunch of wild indians and also on the weekend adventures my family and I had in the Capitan Mountains. The idea of just being able to do whatever the hell I want or go wherever I want just appeals to me. So, the Gypsy always fit into this vision and I begged and pleaded to be on the call list for the day Grandma and Grandpa decided that it was time to let her go. That day came a little over a year ago when my Mom called and said, "Grandma Mae called this morning. They are ready to sell the Silver Streak and they want X amount. Are you still interested?" and I was all... "Sorry there Mom, gonna have to call you back." Or something like that. Then there was a whole year after I bought her that she just had to sit while we moved around three times and tried to settle. Finally the day came to bring her home and it's been bliss. Well bliss until the day that I got the quote back from the collision center anyways. Sometime in the late 70's she was drug down into a ditch and through a few trees. One side of her looks pretty awesome but the other, not so much and Silver Streak is no longer in business. This means that all of her aluminum will have to be matched and made just for her. So basically I am facing a $10K bill to get her fixed. I know she will be worth it but I have been struggling with the fact that I just want her done RIGHT NOW! I can not even begin to touch the interior until we see what's under the skin. (If you know me and how much I LOVE to paint, you know this is hard for me.) I am giving myself a year to save up everything I need to complete this project because I would love for my great grandparents to see the end result. Wish me luck.

Also this summer......
We spent a lot of time in the mountains because I want Reeves to feel like the mountains are home as much as I do. I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret, are you ready? Here we go... I am not Roswell's biggest fan. Let me tell you why. So, if you know me or you have been around awhile you know that I have previous ties to Roswell. My ex-husband is from Roswell and I spent our entire marriage trying to not move here. So the fact that I end up here anyways is a little ironic. However, I just do not feel like this is where I belong or where I want my boy to grow up. I just envision him growing up like I did, I want him to experience what I did. I want him to learn to Ski and Snowboard, I want him to be in FFA, I want him to run wild in the mountains, I want him to hunt and fish, I want him to terrorize the hell out of Papa Bear.....
Which he kind of already does and this is so much fun for me. Papa Bear thinks that I am paying for my own raising with this one. Ha, I will just be sending little Boog to him so really he is the loser in this one. #Iwin

This summer has been fun though even though it really ended in August for us when classes started back up. One more semester after this kids. It's so close I can almost touch it!

Oh and one more thing....... In one week I will be the mother of a two year old......
Is this real life? Is this really happening? A two year old boy that calls me Momma? I can't even comprehend. I feel like the universe is playing a joke on me because let's be honest, sometimes I wonder if he is really mine. I can barely remember being pregnant (Which does NOT make me want another), but now I have a two year old. Pshhh.... it's to fast.