Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Too Faced

Let's be honest here, I have a serious problem or more of a serious obsession...

with makeup. Well mostly Too Faced products. So whenever the new Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar was announced I was ecstatic. As soon as I could order it on Sephora I did and then I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally today it arrived and....
it looked like this. Actually not even like this. This is after I spent forever cleaning it up. Actually it looked like a black sandy mess when I first opened the box. Whoever packed this needs to relearn how to pack a palette that is going to be shipped across the country. Seriously, there wasn't any packing material in the box except one tiny square of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Come on Sephora! Ugh! They are sending me another and lets hope that this time it makes it all in one piece. The waiting again is going to be killer though. So disappointing. I know.. no one probably actually cares about this except my select few friends that are also makeup hoarders. Not everyone has had the opportunity to have their lives changed by a Chocolate Bar. :)

Anyways, we are on the home stretch as far as moving goes now. All of the last of our stuff is pretty much in the trailer but we have been iced in by the ice storm going on here in Odessa. Also let's talk about this ice storm business for a second. I thought people were messing around with me when they told me that they receive these here. Ice storms are a little frightening. I can drive in the snow, the rain, you name it but there is no way I am leaving my little niche in this stuff again. This whole thing doesn't even make sense to me or Baby Daddy. We both are having a hard time understanding how it could be so cold here, with some kind of moisture falling from the sky yet, it's not snow. Shouldn't it be snow? (Don't start rattling off a bunch of meteorology jargon to me either. Just let me have my rant.) And drivers... ok, I thought that Texas drivers were scary before... this is like Ruidoso after a snowstorm during Christmas break times fifty when they are all coming off the ski mountain and no one owns a four wheel drive. Just saying. I have to get out of here ASAP.

Also, would you like to hear a fun story.... According to my neighbor we literally dodged a bullet a few nights ago. While we were in New Mexico someone decided to go up and down our street and shoot every one's vehicles up. Thankfully we had both of our pickups with us and they missed Baby Daddy's work pickup but man... I am going to be so glad to be out of this place in a few days. (And we live in the nice part of town!) 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cue Phil Collins... So take, take me home.....

The semester is over! Thank you Baby Jesus! Now the fun part begins... moving.

"I'm going to burn all of this $h!t to the ground next time we have to move because I AM NOT moving all of these things again.", I say this every single time we get ready to move and every time we move guess what happens.....nothing. I pack every single little nic-nac and useless item we own. *banging head on desk* Why? Why must we have so many things? It is a little alarming to me that we own enough crap to fill a three bedroom house yet we do not actually own a three bedroom house. Also, Baby Daddy and I have been married two years and have lived in four houses. FOUR kids! F-O-U-R! About to be five. We must enjoy this sick punishment in which we keep dealing out to ourselves. I don't have any other way to explain it. *sigh*However we did find a house....
There it is... can you see it? Hehe. So our "new house" is actually very old and in need of some SERIOUS t.l.c. but before we discuss what is wrong with this house lets talk about what is awesome about this house. First of all, do you see my neighbors? No? Oh... that's right... I DO NOT HAVE NEIGHBORS. Well not "real" neighbors. I mean people live down the road from us but not close enough that my dogs are going to go bat shit crazy every time one of them walks outside of their house.  Not close enough that I have to hear them walking past my bedroom windows with their idiot girlfriend who laughs like a dolphin at all hours of the night. No... my neighbors are cows and cranes and Canadian geese (depending on the time of the year), and quite frankly I enjoy listening to them. If you are wondering about all of that blank space around us, that is the cotton field that my house sits in the middle of. We were lucky enough to find a rental right smack dab in the middle of a farm.

Also price was a major deciding factor. Well not really, I was probably going to go with this anyways but we will be paying $1,200 less every month compared to our current house and almost all of our utilities are included in our rent. So yeah.... Odessa rentals are a RIP OFF.

We also really loved this house because they are down with us parking all of our crap, three vehicles, the glamper, Baby Daddy's trailer, and they are cool with all of my Fuzzies! That means it is time for my Junk Yard Cat to come home! I am so happy to have my DaBear kitten back and I am pretty sure my parents are ready too. Well... maybe Mom. Surprisingly Dad is objecting to this because they are now officially "buddies".
However, I have to admit that even with all of the things that we are looking forward to, there are some negatives to this house. For one it is super small. Most of our things are going to storage which isn't entirely bad because honestly I have wanted to get rid of a lot of things but we will have to pay for a storage until we can whittle all of the things down. Also the house is not in great shape. It needs new flooring throughout the whole house and we are going to have to paint it at some point. Who ever lived there previously tried to cover up stuff on the walls by taking glossy white paint and painting over whatever it was on what is more of a matte white so there are awful looking paint marks everywhere and if you have ever walked into a house with my husband you would know that things like this drive the contractor in him absolutely CRAZY. The good news is, the farmer that owns the house has given me the green light to do whatever I want and if you know me, then you know that I have an obsession with painting. The poor Capitan house was constantly being painted.

The other con is... we live across the road from a dairy. Well, it's not that big of a con if you consider how great the dove hunting will be right there basically out our back door but the smell. Eek. That should be interesting. I keep thinking to myself, "Self, you grew up in Clayton, not even that... you grew up spending all of your out of school/away from the ranch time with your Dad either in a corn field cutting silage or in the semi at the feedlot this should be like coming home." I am also a little worried about how my husband will end up feeling about this. Even though he is rugged and outdoorsy I am not sure how he will adapt to this detail. Hopefully well because I am NOT moving back into town.

On another note... BabyLove and I decided to start a new tradition together. After lots of Pinterest research we decided to start a 12 Nights of Christmas reading tradition. I purchased 12 Christmas books and wrapped each. Every night starting on December 12th Baby chooses one and unwraps it so I can read it to him. So far it has been so much fun and I think he is really enjoying it. On the first night we read "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer's Slide and Find".
Daddy and Tiberius helped pick out the first book.
He loves interactive books... 
And the Island of Misfit toys train and plane. (of course)

Tonight was our second night and unfortunately Daddy wasn't able to be home because he ended up working late. Tiberius was still an excellent helper and listened to us read, "The Polar Bear who Saved Christmas"
He opened this one all by himself after I got it started for him. Momma tends to go a little crazy with the tape. 
Little Smarty Pants Kid! 
This was such a fun book! 

It worked out perfectly that we started this on the 12th. Apparently I still suck at math because my husband pointed out to me that we would actually be done on the 23rd with all of our books and not on the 24th like I was thinking but we open presents on Christmas Eve so he will be to busy with new toys and will not care about reading I assume. Stay tuned for more 12 Nights of Christmas reading posts. I was able to find some pretty neat books this year!