Friday, September 6, 2013

Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich and today's appointment

Husband and I got home late tonight after working on his Mom's rental property and I just knew that tonight was going to be the night that I was going to be asleep before midnight. Yet here it is 12:20 am and sleep has once again eluded me. Mainly because I could not stop thinking about a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich and our trip to the doctor today. Mmmmm this sandwich is so good by the way, and I probably shouldn't be eating it but ehh....whatever. Dang you Elvis Presley, I would never have even realized how wonderful these are if it wasn't for my undying love for you. Anyways...

So the appointment went well today but... my stubborn child is turned sideways. Last weeks appointment he was engaged and ready for action but not now. I spent all afternoon on spinning babies learning how to do these exercises that are suppose to help turn them back and nothing yet. Although I'm pretty sure that I look absolutely ridiculous while I am exercising sooooo... I am probably not going to let other people see me doing these. As my sister said, I look like Pooh Bear exercising, stout and round. We will also be going back for another ultrasound on Tuesday. We thought we were done with that sort of thing but now we need to check his amniotic fluid and he did measure weird today. The midwife said he was measuring at 34 wks but more than likely that is just because he is in a big ball and has totally run out of room. My poor boy, and my poor belly.

 I woke up the other morning and Bam!, I look like a damn zebra. I have never seen so many stretch marks in my life. I am beginning to wonder if I traded weight gain for stretch marks. I'll be honest and I almost feel ashamed of this because every time I am asked, "How much weight have you gained?" I know the response I am going to get. Usually it's, "I hate you" or "What are you doing? Do you eat?" Anyways, so far I have gained almost 17 lbs. which is below my suggested weight gain but I made the decision early on not to change my eating habits to extremely, to only add the suggested amount. I decided this because.. Hello!, I'm only 4'10" and I know that I do not lose weight easily. Plus I needed something to be in control of because lets be honest, with pregnancy you are in control of nothing else. Although one of my midwives totally wears me out on this subject. She has tried to convince me that I need to be eating a grn chile cheese burger daily. Umm... crazy lady, the last thing I want is to eat a burger smothered in heart burn. I get heart burn when I smell the weekly batch of salsa Joe has to make each week because his life apparently depends upon it. Seriously, my husband eats more chips and salsa then any person I know. He makes it with jalapenos, he makes it with grn chile, he makes it with whatever he can find basically. He thinks we need to move out of the state of NM when I graduate but I do not think he understands that he will die when he realizes what he will be giving up. Anyways... I just realized that I am lost and have no idea what the point of this paragraph was other than to tell you all I have earned my stripes. The pregnancy brain... it's so irritating.

Moving on...

So, today I learned that yet another one of my midwives is into, "The Business of Being Born" and "Pregnant in America". If you have not seen either of these, once again I suggest you look them up. You can watch them on Hulu and Netflix and I suggest you watch them even if you are not pregnant because wow, they are such eye openers. I have watched a ridiculous amount of all sorts of documentaries and videos in the last 38 weeks but these two are by far my favorite. Really it is amazing how far a way we are from what is normal in this country. Did you know that America has the highest infant mortality rate out of the industrialized world? Yeah, we also have the most intervened births. Anyways, yesterday I posted about all my anxiety over having this baby but I love going to my appointments and talking with a midwife because I end up feeling so much better about everything. Also, I have a confession... I am really considering at this point a water birth just because I think they are unique and since I am vetoing all drugs I think this would help with a little of the discomfort. Any thoughts? Anyone out there have one? And yes.. I realize I am embracing what's left of my hippie days. I just want the most natural experience possible, especially because I have learned lately that the more natural the faster healing time most women experience. This is also important because my mother and I have been talking about a little road trip after he is born to the mountain. Which I am sure you think is probably crazy but let me explain.

Some of you may know that one of my grandmothers has cancer and it is to the point now that.. well you get it. I have this awful fear that she will never meet her very first great grandbaby and she is so excited about him. So my mom and I have been talking about taking him up there. I am sure he will be fine but I am not so sure how I will be which is why I really want to do this as natural as possible. The last thing I want is to try to take a trip with a new baby while being all sliced and diced. You know, it really sucks when you see your grandparents and great grandparents start slipping away. I think apart of you thinks you will have these people forever and then when you experience something like this, ugh, I can't even explain it. One thing I can say is, I am actually grateful my parents were teenage parents because I have known almost all my grandparents but one, my Dad's dad, and almost all my great grandparents but a few. I think it's pretty neat my baby is going to have the same thing and then some, he gets great great grandparents.

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