Monday, September 30, 2013

Human Pacifier

Phew.... I'm coming up for air for a few minutes, (I have been submerged in baby cuddles and happiness) to tell you all how great this is.

So this last Wednesday night I went into the hospital because I was having some serious pains, only to be sent back home because I was only a centimeter dilated. So then I stayed up all night, thinking I was dying because the back pain went from a two to an eight in just a few hours. The next morning we found out I had dilated to a three when we went in for our doctors appointment and then my eight shot up to about a twelve on the pain scale. So we went into the hospital at about 2pm and I was at a four and in active labor. The next thing I knew was that it was Friday morning at 10 am and I had just started pushing. I pushed for four hours before they realized that Reeves was stuck and that my pelvis was not spreading. So...I got to experience the majority of natural birth and a full fledged emergency under general C-section. Ehh... honestly, I really wish I would have been able to finish out with a natural birth but I am more excited that I was able to have a happy beautiful baby. And now we know if we decide to have another in the future (far into the future) that there is only one option for us. Also... umm I would just like to suggest, if you can help it, never combining the two types of labors, recovery is a beeotch if you do.

We got to come home yesterday though and wow... I just love my kid. My little man is perfect, although I may be a little bias. I never thought I could love another human being like this, it really is a different kind of love too. Also, I am pretty sure I fell for my husband again on a whole different level then before. Something about a man that won't leave your side, protects you, and is the person who literally plays "tug-o-war" ( a strategy using a sheet to help push in labor, literally like playing tug-o-war) with you while you are in full blown labor is worth falling for a million times over. Just saying...

So some things I have learned during this whole process...

1. In labor, you have no control over your body, you have no modesty, and later you pretend like none of those things you said or did happened. They did though... just keep pretending.

2. Recovery is ROUGH but I prefer it over pregnancy. And even though I still dislike pregnancy, holy macaroni am I thankful that I went through it because my kid is amazing.

3. Breast is Best. If you can do it, do it. Can't explain the happy/in love feeling it leaves you with.

4. The reason new parents are not getting rest is actually because they can't stop staring at their new baby.

5. Umm... don't expect to look amazing. I love those pictures of celebrity moms who look like a million bucks with their newborns... freaking liars. I am coming to terms with my new flab.

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