Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'!

We have been living in a whirlwind lately, which is my excuse for my recent blogging absence. Actually if I were to be more literal, we are living in a dustbowl.
Welcome to the Texas Panhandle Ya'll. We have beautiful days here full of wind and dust and allergies. :) Yummy. Obviously the big move is taking place. Baby and I are spending some time in the Panhandle with my Momma while the Baby Daddy is settling into the new job in the Permian Basin. Hopefully we will all be together very soon, because we all think we are just dying without one another. And all of our stuff is in Cruces sooo... we still have a lot of crap to do.

We have had quite the challenges since getting here. First Baby Love became really sick. It started as teething, then it moved to an ear infection, then he had an allergic reaction to his antibiotics, and now we are dealing with a diaper rash thanks to the effects of antibiotics. Phew. It has been a long two weeks. We also learned a few things about teething... for example... those Hyland's teething tabs are not FDA approved and contain Belladonna which is a controversial herb that can be toxic and Hyland's has had recalls over large levels of Belladonna used in their products so we won't be using those anymore. The best medicine we have used so far is snuggling and a cold carrot, and we would rather do basically anything other then spend our time teething.

Then to top all of this cranky baby business off my truck decided that it was time for new front brakes. I knew this day was coming but I was trying to postpone it for as long as possible. Thankfully I have a Dad with a shop, now if I could only get him off the road long enough to help me change everything out.

Baby is growing so fast. Now weighing in at 16.5 lbs. he has learned how to use his new exersaucer, imitates noises and faces, sits up, pushes himself up, and is really thinking about crawling, his eye/hand coordination is amazing and he has worked his way through the yellow veggies, has tried apples and bananas, and is about to start on the greens. I can not believe that he is almost six months old. Where has the time gone already?

Also, I recently got my Ipsy March Glam Bag in...
So... I loved everything about this bag except for that nail polish. Textured nail polish just isn't my thing. I tried it out and at first it was kind of cool because my nails looked like a robin's egg but then it immediately began to ship off and my nails looked funky. Like I was wearing rhino lining around. Also taking off that polish was a Beeotch. However, I fell in love with that Pixi primer. So much so that I now have a Pixi mascara and Pixi foundation. My skin loves it. It feels amazing. I loved the Be a Bombshell eye shadow, (Those are kind of my evening colors.), and of course, what about bareMinerals could you possibly hate?