Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just a little update

It's been awhile since I have had the opportunity to blog. Actually that is a lie, there have been a few but let me tell you, those rare moments are normally spent in a daze, or I am snapping pictures of my sleeping babe, or researching something that has to do with raising chillins. I have recently become even more obsessed with my son's future education than I was before he was born and have been studying up on all the things I want him to learn before he starts school one day and I know... I probably sound like a crazy person. Let me tell you though, I have decided that we are failing as a society to produce educated, functioning individuals. Did you know that the number one word for 2013 was, "selfie". *Banging head on table.* I don't even want to live in this world anymore y'all.

Anyways, my sweet little Baby Love is growing so fast! We definitely have this nursing business down to a science at this point because every week we are growing out of something. He has also started to develop all these new skills. He has begun batting at his stuffed animals when I show them to him, he coos at them and at me. Every morning when we get up he smiles and tries to giggle. The giggle is more of an airy laugh at this point but we are getting closer to a real giggle. He is sleeping through the night or only waking up once, twice at the most and he loves it when Daddy comes home from work. As soon as he hears Daddy's voice he starts looking for him. He also loves Murphy but Ti seems to scare him a little. He coos at Murph but he screams at Ti. Also Murphy is super protective and tried to beat up Ti the other night for getting to close to baby while he was crying. Protective little Booger!