History of the Fuzzies
 The Murph Man-
On September 27, 2003 the cutest, fluffiest little bundle of fuzz entered my life and changed everything. I'll never forget the first time that I saw him. I had desperately been searching for a lab puppy and had been in contact with an employee at the Lincoln County Humane Society. I had asked them to call me if one had come in but on that day they called and told me that there was a puppy that had just recently been brought in and that I needed to see him immediately. My mother was out of town so I called my Aunt, the softy, and convinced her to take me to see this fuzz ball and later persuaded her to adopt him for me. (I was under 18 at the time and my mother was totally against having another dog around.) The first time that I saw his sweet little face, I was done for. The poor baby was covered in fleas and scared to death but when I picked him up he snuggled up next to me and my heart melted. It's been eight years and Murphy and I are still inseparable to this day. He's less like a dog, and more like my child. I am convinced that Murphy is the smartest dog I know and understands pretty much everything that I say to him. He enjoys riding in his favorite pickup, stealing Doritos and from time to time, chasing DaBear through the house. He is the eyes and ears of this property and does his job at alerting and protecting our family! He is also an excellent snuggler and is always there to keep my feet warm on cold nights. Also you should know that Murphy and I believe in adoption. Why by from a breeder when there are so many amazing companions like the Smurph Man that are in dire need of a home?
 The Brothers-
I never really pictured myself as a cat person. I have grown up with them my entire life but I never thought that I would continue to have them in my adult life. Then these two came along. August 19, 2009, my family and I were preparing for my wedding when my little sisters cat went into labor. The most remarkable part about how they entered this world is this, there were 4 babies born in this litter, but not on the same days. Two babies were born first and then, the next day, she had two more. We were all in shock on the second day. As I watched the babies begin to grow I fell in love with the little black one, which I named DaBear. Like I said, I've never been a cat person but I just had to have him. So after weeks of persuading my ex husband, DaBear moved in and became a permanent member of  my family. DaBear is also the hunter of the family. He prefers to spend his days outdoors chasing, capturing, mauling, and eventually eating any small creature he can get his paws on. He even sometimes likes to bring them in the house to show me. Ick! Nothing like coming home to half a dead grass snake on your living room floor.

Then there was Squirrel. Originally named Charlie when he was born, he began to take on Squirrel like features and was given the name Squirrel. Sometimes I like to refer to him as Sir Charles Squirrel Reeves I. Anyways, Squirrel came to be a family member when he was left at my house by my parents. The day that they moved off to TX, there was no way he was going with them. Literally, he hid from us. Turns out, Squirrel doesn't really belong to anyone, he just loves this house and has chosen to make it his home, forever. He is also the laziest of the three and spends the majority of his day, sleeping, eating, or staring at you. Seriously, there is nothing like waking up out of a dead sleep to see a Squirrel cat, staring right at you.
8.5.2012 Squirrel now has a new family but will forever be a part of mine. We will miss you fat cat but so glad you have a family that loves you and can give you all the attention you deserve.

And then came Ti-
Meet Ti, the newest member of our family and my husbands hunting companion. Since the day that I met my husband he had talked about how he wanted a lab puppy to make his faithful duck hunting companion. March of this year we were on our way to do some grocery shopping when I spotted a man selling puppies out of his pickup. I said, "I think those were lab puppies." and then my husband almost wrecked my pickup trying to get back to them. Ok, it wasn't nearly that dramatic but almost. Five minutes later he had the puppy he had been pining for and every day since I have watched them build a very strong bond. Joseph is currently training him to be an excellent duck dog. Ti loves long walks in the forest, swimming, terrorizing his fuzzy siblings and eating bike seats. Seriously, he's gonna break us in bike seats. All in all though he has been a wonderful addition to our new little family and we couldn't see life without him.