When this blog was started I was anti-marriage and then I ran into a guy at the horse races and my whole perspective changed in an instance. Now I wake up every morning to the love of my life and soul mate.

If you have read my other pages then you know that I was once a divorced, single, cat lady. I'm kidding about the cat lady part, I only had two cats and a dog, so maybe I was just a divorced, single, animal lover. However, after having been jilted by my first marriage and a couple of horrible relationships afterward, I basically hated men and the idea of ever being married again. Then I met my husband and my whole perspective on love and marriage began to change.

We began our relationship as just friends and when I had put him in my "friends only" file, he rocked my world one night by kissing me as we sat on my living room couch watching movies. Nine months later we said, "I do" in a simple little ceremony in Smokey Bear park in Capitan, NM. Now we are building a life together with our two dogs and cat, one day at a time in the city far from the sleepy little place I call home. Stay tuned to watch us grow in life and love. 

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