Friday, September 20, 2013

2am Ramblings

Welp... the doctors appointment today, or I guess what would now be yesterday went as I suspected it would. No change. However I managed to lose two pounds some how. Have no idea how I did that being as I have done nothing but mope around the house all week and force myself to partake in crazy labor inducing wives tales. Obviously none of them have worked so far. So crazy how I spent 20 weeks worrying about keeping this kid in... pssh. My poor husband, I think he is more tired of this, or rather me, than I am. I can't even reach the back of my washer and dryer now and putting on shoes that have strings... forget about it. He has to be here for all of these things. I wore a pair of my Nikes the other day and went out on a little outing. The Nikes were tied when I shoved my swollen feet into them, by the time I got home, both had come untied and I had walked around in public, trying not to trip myself that way. I'm sure I looked attractive with my pregnancy waddle/anti-trip over shoe string waddle. I know...why didn't I just stop and fix them, right? A. There is no bending to tie shoes in pregnancy. B. There was no where to stop and sit and take them off and re-tie them and then shove my fat little feet back into them. C. At this point, I have given up.

Anyways... on a positive note I would like to say thanks for all of those who have been reading my rants, and the new random cats who have found my blog and pinned it on Pinterest. It means a lot to know my whining has been weirdly inspirational to some and also, even though I whine about being pregnant a lot because obviously, I really dislike being pregnant (love my kid, but hate pregnancy) I am very thankful that I have been able to carry this kid to full term, as of today, and that he is super healthy. Even if I have been driven to the edge of sanity.

Moving on....

So I, like all the million other iPhone users downloaded the new iOS 7 today and holy shit y'all for once it wasn't one of those downloads were after spending 3 hours trying to get it to finish to download you wonder, "Well, what exactly is new here? Looks the same. Clever trick Apple." Nope, it's beautiful and I am in love with it. I know... I sound so... nerdy. I can't help it, I have a thing for gadgets.
See? Doesn't it look better? And you should see all the new cool stuff that came with it. Ok. I'm done obsessing, for now.
Speaking of obsessions, another one of my obsessions has recently come back to haunt me. So I have this thing for shipwrecks and basically any other underwater find. I also have a thing for cold cases. (It's the CJ major in me) Has anyone else been keeping up with the story about the two cars/six bodies found in Oklahoma's Foss lake? If you haven't here is the Link to one of the many articles on it. I am so intrigued by this and I can not stop reading as much information as I can find on it. How did they get there? Was there foul play? And man!, will someone please post more pictures of those cars! They actually look incredible for being under for so long, I mean, I realize the water must be fresh water but still they had to be submerged in quite a bit of Oklahoma mud. Ugh! I want to become a diver with state police so bad I can not stand it. I watched a tape one time of a dive that was done in Bonito lake and even though there was nothing amazing on it, I stayed obsessed with the idea of doing that for months. I also have a huge collection of diving documentaries going. Seriously, look up the shipwrecks within the Great lakes and prepare to be amazed. Fresh water wrecks will stay almost perfect for hundreds of years. Some of them look like they could be pulled back up and sail on they are so perfect. Or they were until the great lakes experienced an outbreak in zebra mussels. Anyways... back to Foss lake, what an incredible story. I can not even imagine how the families of these people feel. It must be an incredible relief but also like opening up an old wound again. 

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