Saturday, August 3, 2013

Contractions are a... word that starts with B.

So, last night was a little weird. I started having contractions at a little before 20 weeks and I'm not talking Braxton Hicks, I am talking pre-term. I ended up having to quit my job and became a hermit who sits at home and bosses her poor husband around. Seriously, he is tired of my projects and unpacking, and hanging pictures. (We also moved into our new house soon after this whole thing happened) Anyways, the contractions haven't stopped but they are only intense when I overdue it. So last night when they became super intense and then very regular I was a little bit worried. They started out happening every ten minutes, then every seven, then every five for about two hours and then suddenly they went back to every ten minutes and then every thirty and then one every few hours. They have continued sporadically throughout the day but when I called the Dr. office they pretty much told me to chill out. Apparently they have a bunch of whiny first time mothers like me.

Contractions are so not fun. I love how in movies they make it seem like nothing. "Oh!, I just had a contraction, my water broke simultaneously, and five minutes later after some light screaming, Poof!, we have a baby." No... that's b.s.! Contractions make me want to punch someone or something. Not that I am trying to scare anyone, I am just being honest.

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