Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wife. Mom. Student. and no hunting... this will be a long fall/winter.

What a day y'all!!! So last night I could not sleep, I tossed and turned and drank sleepy time tea and took a hot shower and finally at about 5am I finally decided to take my little sleep aid and didn't wake back up till 11 am. The contractions last night were awful and I kept watching the clock to time them thinking the whole time, "Holy crap, if this turns out to be something real I am going to freak out. I am not ready for this yet, even though I really wanted to be done with this pregnancy thing.", but as always they tapered off right about the time I thought about waking up Baby Daddy. feeewww... deep breath. Don't get me wrong, I am so ready to be back in control of my body but... I haven't quite got all my pre-baby shopping, cooking, or cleaning done yet. Actually the cleaning thing will never be "done", nope not in this house.

So then at 11am I got up, took my shower and checked my canvas (online classes). Wow!, Let me just say that this semester is going to suck. I counted up all of the papers I have to write this semester between my five classes and the grand total came out too... 12! They are either 5 or 10 pages and most are single spaced. Kill me now please! How on earth am I going to get all that writing done with a brand new bambino? Ehh...this will be interesting. Also, I have an exam in 3 out of the 5 classes on my due date. My biggest nightmare may be coming true if he waits that long. By the way, my biggest nightmare is having an exam due while I am in labor. I know, I know, they would probably make an exception but really, I don't want them to have too. I don't want special treatment because I am having a baby from my professors, especially after the reactions I got last semester when I registered for these classes.

Now the best part of my day... I met a midwife that totally gets me and is obsessed with The Business of Being Born just like I am. Oh how I hope she is the one on call that day! So I found this documentary on Netflix a few weeks back and started watching it and now I'm not only obsessed but a hippie. Just kidding on the hippie part but seriously, expecting moms and those just interested in learning something new about labor and delivery in our country you should click on the link I provided. The documentary is such an eye opener. Anyways, this midwife gave me all kinds of great information and basically validated my feelings and thoughts. I am refusing all drugs at this point because I have already had the unpleasant experience of Stadol and the other drugs that the hospital offers here Nubain and Fentanyl are pretty much the same thing with Fentanyl being the lesser of the three evils. Something about putting a synthetic opioid agonist-antagonist analgesic in my body just sounds like a bad idea for me and munchkin. I mean, we have a lot of work to do that day and getting wasted off that shtuff seems like it would not be the best thing ever. Also, she did inform me that I can stay home up till the third phase and they will not hassle me to come in, I do not have to labor in a bed, the midwives would rather me labor how I feel comfortable and they have all the cool stuff I was hoping for, the bath, the ball, etc. Granted nothing goes wrong and we are forced into a C section in which we really do not want. I use to be all pro c section, lets just get this shit over with, but then I realized everything that goes into a C section and no way Jose! I think I will let God and my body take care of this one.

Hunting season is just right around the corner and I am beginning to feel sad that I am going to have to miss out. Baby Daddy received his new decoys today, (Because he only had 45 and the pros have spreads of up to a thousand so we need to have more decoys!) and for a second I thought, "Yes! just a couple more months and dove season starts the 1st!!! This is going to be the best season yet and I should probably count my ammunition stock pile and get Baby Daddy to clean my shot gun and where did I put that jacket I got last year?" Then I looked down and I saw this frazzled vision of myself. Bags under the eyes, a pile of homework, a fussy baby, dirty house... buzz kill, no hunting this season. Just kidding, by the time we get there I will probably be pushing Baby Daddy and Ti out the door so Reeves and I can have a morning alone. Also Baby Daddy ordered me an Uncle Si tea glass with his decoys. Winning. I have the best husband ever!

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