Saturday, August 10, 2013

How my boy got his name.

So I have noticed that when I tell people my son's name I have either gotten a strange reaction or people think it's an amazing idea. I have actually caught a lot of slack over it because people believe it was my idea, like I was being vain or controlling so let me back up and tell you this first, I did not choose my son's first name. You see I thought I was being smart... I was convinced from the beginning that we were having a girl and I've been carrying around my list of secret baby girl names for awhile. Then I told my husband what they were and he hated them. So I had this idea, I told him that if we had a girl I should get to pick her first name and he could pick the middle, if we had a boy he could pick the first and I would pick the middle. Then came our 20 week ultrasound and I knew that day that I was going to be wrong. He had already had his name picked out but hadn't told me what it was going to be for sure. So after we confirmed just how wrong I was we went to lunch with the grandmas and aunts and he tells us that my son's first name will be Reeves, my maiden name. At first we were all a little shocked and I was thinking, " Oh man, people are going to think that this was my idea." I'll be honest, we Reeves are pretty proud of our last name and there is something about our attitudes and way of thinking that often lead to comments such as, "You are such a Reeves." Then he explained why he had chosen that name for our son. You know the country singer Dierks Bentley? His first name is his mother's maiden name and apparently he was given that name because his grandfather had all girls and this was his parents way of carrying on his grandfather's last name. My father, also had all girls and my husband adores my father so this was his little way of carrying on my father's last name. After he explained it I fell in love with my husband a little more. He could have easily made our son a junior but like always, he was thinking of everyone else, and not to mention my kiddo has a pretty unique name. Then came choosing his middle name, Nathaniel. Why did I pick this name? Well mainly because there isn't a whole lot that goes well with Reeves. I searched and searched, trying to fit every family name I could come up with on both sides before I finally decided that he would have a name that was all his own.

I felt the need to write this blog because I was having a conversation by text with an old friend I hadn't spoken to in quite some time when they asked what his name was going to be and when I told them they replied, "that's just like you, how does your husband feel about that?"

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