Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's my crack, I am addicted.

There are two things I am all about... saving money and clothes. Obviously these two things don't go hand in hand when you like the kinds of clothes that I like. I usually stick to eBay, buying and selling but after moving into our new house all of a sudden eBay had some weird issue with my new address and it has been hell. I have pretty much given up on it. So then I started trolling the internet looking for a new way to fill my addiction. Yesterday I found it. Twice is what it is called and you have to check it out. For example look at this...
I own this sweater. Do you see how much they want for it? $19.95 when the original price was... yep you read it... $98.00. :( Anyways... I also have my ulterior motives I will admit. Every time someone uses my link to Twice < (that's the link by the way) and purchases something, I get $10. This is important! Why is this important? Because I am a saver and because my husband says I can't spend a whole bunch of money on clothes and because after this kid is born I am going to want fluffy fall sweaters. Just saying. So... go look, sign up, invite your friends and build your own credit, buy some stuff maybe, and imagine how cool it would have been if you would have come up with this genius idea yourself. I do. Man... I could have been a stylish, rich individual if I would have thought this one up. Just sayin'.

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