Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've become a hermit and also I hate pants now. Is that weird?

Nesting is definitely in full force, Lord help my husband. I have developed this strange thing about leaving the house, I hate it and I can't not stop reading disturbing post birth "what they don't tell you" articles off of pinterest. Seriously y'all... are you aware of what happens after a natural birth? You know what... if you aren't don't even look it up, it's sounds like it would be better to go into blindly. I am not even worried about giving birth now, it sounds like that part is going to be the easy part. Once again, Lord help my husband, he is going to have two babies to deal with. You know, it's a good thing I married the man I did because I'll be honest, bodily functions, bodily anything really, gross me out. It's something I believe I inherited from my mother, you mention the F word (and I am not talking about the F.U.C.K. word. Also I spelt it out so that makes it ok) around her and your are going to get the sky pulled down on you.

Also, I have developed this strange hatred of pants lately. Is that weird? The most uncomfortable thing in the entire world to me is pants and I mean all pants in general. Shorts, sweats, jeans, I pretty much hate them all and I really really hate this stretchy belly band crap they put on maternity pants. I mean, I guess I see the purpose of it but when is someone going to invent them in short fat girl sizes? Seriously... My belly, even though it looks big on a person of my size, it's really not in maternity pant terms. What I am trying to say is... when you can pull that stretchy part up to your chest, it's more than serving it's purpose. And wow... has anyone else noticed how freaking hot maternity clothes are? I mean, here I am in the 102 degree desert with my stretchy shorts with a non-breathable belly thingamajiger and a shirt on top of that. As if summer wasn't hellish enough already. For the record though I do wear skirts now, as much as they are against my very nature, in case you had this vision of a short, little, fat pregnant girl running around pant-less in your head. Anyways, I think I should start designing maternity clothes for people close to my size after this.

7ish more weeks until we meet baby Reeves. Eek! So ready!

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