Sunday, October 9, 2011

What a lovely little face.

It's officially fall around here. The trees are changing, the temperature is dropping, and the fuzzy sweaters have been removed from the back of the closet. I didn't think that I would be ready for fall, I kept holding on to that last little bit of summer, that last little bit of warm weather, tank tops, and sun dresses. The fuzzies are all putting their winter weight on, wait... I meant, the fuzzies are still retaining their winter weight from last winter. By that I mean DaBear and Squirrel are still huge. And Murphy's coat is finally coming back after the fight with three sets of clippers this summer. Today I cleaned out and started the ol' furnace up and midterms are going on this week. It is going to be a busy fall and winter and we are all thanking God for that. I hope that this time flies by so that my best friend will be home soon, the new semester and new challenges start and so that I can continue to better my life and situation.

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