Thursday, October 13, 2011

Remind me why...

I remembered something about myself this week that I had forgotten.... I am really good at school! I know, it sounds like I am bragging on myself, and that's because I kind of am. But seriously, I had forgotten how much I loved to learn. Using your brain is an amazing thing and I believe that people should never stop learning, EVER! This whole revelation came about this week though because this week is mid-term week and guess who has aced all the mid-terms she has taken so far? Yes, that would be me. I am pretty proud of myself right now to say the least. This time last year I was drowning in my sorrows, my heart was crushed, my bank account empty, my spine felt like someone had taken a baseball bat to it and I was so super lonely, lost inside my own little world. Not much has changed, my heart still feels damaged but it gets better every day, my bank account is still pretty much empty but I am coping with that, my spine feels much better but we will see how it reacts to a cold winter, and for the loneliness, it's not so bad. I am so comfortable with living alone these days. I have my days when I wish I had more people around but for the most part, I am content with where I am. For the first time ever, I am actually appreciating living where I do. It's small, it's not that great, but, I am able to go to school, and be able to live comfortably. If you know me, you know that this is a big thing for me. I worry, I worry about EVERYTHING! Especially when it comes to bills and this fits right now. Above all things though, I am happy with school. I am happy with the direction I finally see my life going. I've spent the last few years regretting leaving State, regretting my marriage, and now I am just ready to build a life... on my own terms.

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