Monday, October 3, 2011

Scaring the Bejesus out of myself

I completely and totally scared myself this evening. I am beginning to wonder if I am losing it. I was on my way home from class tonight and for a second I had the craziest flashback. I recently purchased an auxiliary cable for my pickup and was flipping through playlist on my iPhone. A certain friend and I use to listen to one specific playlist every time we were in the car together and as I was listening to it a song that this person loves came on and for a second I thought I heard their voice. Even stranger for a second this whole image was so clear that I felt like I was driving the escape again. I was totally in the middle of a de ja vu moment, reliving a moment that happened about this time last year.  I wonder what it is that triggers these types of moments in our brains. I’ve had moments like this involving the same person quite frequently here lately.

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