Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One more milestone...

Today was the day, we let Baby Love have his first taste of solids, rice cereal that we made from scratch. I have experienced all kinds of reactions to this by the way. While the older generation says, "What took you so long?" The younger generation says, "Already? To soon!" I was thinking this morning that sometimes I feel like we are just going through a bunch of fads. Once upon a time people breastfed, then they didn't, and now people are doing it again. It feels like the same thing when feeding solids. I decided though that what I wanted is for my Baby to basically tell me when he was ready. I also picked a pediatrician who thought this way. So yesterday we went in for our four month shots and I talked to the doctor about what we have been experiencing. A month ago we were on a pretty relaxed schedule as far as feedings went, this month we are eating 10 to 12 times a day. (I am exhausted! I feel like all we do is nurse these days.) He has doubled his birth weight, he has started trying to sit up while he is in my lap, if he is sitting at the table with us at dinner time he stares and opens his mouth and basically he just never seems to be full. So we tried solids this morning and... he was not impressed with his rice cereal! After he ate though he didn't seem to be interested in nursing for awhile and went right to sleep. I think it was much needed for both of us.
I feel like this whole thing is bitter sweet. While I am having a lot of fun watching him grow up, at the same time I am thinking... "Can we just slow this down? Please?!" He has learned and grown so much in four months. He has also taught me a few lessons. For example, here I was dead set on the idea that he wasn't going to be interested in solids until he was at least five months old. Psshhh... kind of like how I was dead set on a natural birth. I should just stop making plans.
Also... our pediatrician said yesterday that he still seems to be a couple of months ahead in both physical and mental development. She was very surprised at how strong he is and how interested he is in books, and also that he is a noisy little talker. Seriously, the boy talks to us constantly. I think it has a lot to do with us talking to him all day long and the amount of reading we do. :) We read in our reading Tipi, We read while we rock, we read off of the kindle, we read before nap time, we read all day long! I try to read about 7-10 books a day, I am determined to have another little reader in the house. (Baby Daddy hates to read. He only "reads" waterfowl magazines. Imagine that.) Anyways, there I go making plans again. I have probably just jinxed myself.

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