Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So.... I would just like to say that having a kiddo of my own has changed me 100%. You see, before my precious Baby Love came along I could read about crimes against children, I could watch the news, I could leave my house without a care in the world, I could get up every morning and not worry about a thing, but now, that has all changed. There have recently been days when I have seriously considered getting rid of my Facebook because people are always posting stories about little tiny babies dying and parents neglecting their children and when I see them... I literally get sick to my stomach. I can not even describe the feeling that comes over me. I was watching a Nat Geo documentary the other night on bison because up until now I have loved every single little National Geographic documentary I could get my paws on, but the other night while watching this documentary I had to turn it off when a wolf pack took down a calf. I seriously wanted to cry over a baby bison and it's poor mother. Am I crazy? This is pretty much going to ruin the career I was planning out for myself y'all. I will never be able to work with Juveniles again.

Anyways... on a lighter note...look at my kid...

Have you ever seen anything cuter? Eek! I just love this little boy, and how cute he looks in his little cap! Also, he looks just like his Daddy right here which makes me fall in love with both of them over and over again. Every day it seems like he flip flops between the two of us. Some days I can see me, some days I see Joseph. My little perfect combo of the two of us. See what love made? God is good my friends! Life is good!

Also... I have big news coming up soon that you are going to want to hear about. I'm just waiting for the green light and I will be blasting it here. Stay tuned, big things are in store for my little family!

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