Friday, February 28, 2014

I have a secret.

So I promised in my last blog that I would be delivering some new news about myself and my little family. I guess it is finally time to let everyone in on our big secret. Are you ready?.....

I am NOT pregnant.

Ok that's not the big news but I think that is pretty important information. Actually the real news is that we are moving. We are packing up our belongings for the eleventity billionth time and we are moving. Where? You ask? Ugh... Texas. I am not going to say which part of Texas yet but I am going to tell you that Baby Daddy got a big oil field job and we are out of here. I know you have one important question on your mind... But Vern what about college? Not to worry, I am now a distant student, finishing up my last 21 credits online. The only thing I have wanted for the past ten years was to go to school at NMSU and receive my degree and I am not letting a little distance stop me from that. I am not so excited about living in Texas but I am super excited about having a new adventure with my little family. Also I am super excited that Baby Daddy won't be stressing out every week. Let me tell you, owning your own business is rough. Especially in our ah-mazing economy. People are so over spent the last thing they want to do is build a house. Thanks a heap Obama. Anyways... That is my news. Oh.. also, this is all happening next week. :)

Here is a picture of a cute baby. It will help you forget that I just said I am about to be a Texan.

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