Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Diamond Candles!

This blog is coming to you from my very own iPad mini! So excited about this thing!

Baby Daddy was called out on a job today so Baby and I have spent the day finishing up term papers, playing, and watching my birthday diamond candles burn. I told myself when I opened them that I would save them for as long as I could. That just so happened to be about an hour and then I found myself standing at the stove in the kitchen trying to light one with a flaming piece of wadded up paper. A little bit of scorched nail polish later and I had successfully managed to light the Cinnamon Roll scented candle. ( I really need my stuff guys! I know I own about a million boxes of matches, all of which are nicely packed away in a box in Cruces! Lame) After eight hours of being on pins and needles I finally plucked the little golden foil from hot wax and bam.... I had a piece of very attractive costume jewelry!
It looks a lot like the ring from the very first diamond candle but is a little different.
However, I still have one more to go! 
This candle has only been burning for about four hours but so far I can see the top of the tiny foil packet. Resisting the urge to go get tweezers and pluck it is so hard! Oh the torture!
See that little shadowy looking area on the left side? That is the ring! Only four more hours or so until I pluck it! Maybe. If I can contain myself.
Anywho... I'm off to pack for our trip to NM in a few days to retrieve the rest of our junk, and to finish off yet another term paper. Is the semester over yet? I need a break!

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