Monday, May 12, 2014

Regrets already!

When Baby Daddy comes staggering through the door at 6am after getting off of work I will regret staying up to write this blog. Baby Daddy has one volume, loud. So Ti will hear him coming through the door and he will bark very loudly, which will scare the heck out of the tiny baby that stays curled up against me and then... he will refuse to go back to sleep and I will spend the day exhausted and hating myself for staying up and writing this blog. Yep, that will happen. However... many things have happened since my last blog and so I have no choice but to continue on for my loyal fans. *sigh*

Things I have done since last time...
First I finished burning down the second Diamond Candle and this is what was in it. Once again, more costume jewelry but still very pretty.
And then...

I bombed my Spanish final!!! My 93 went to a 76.4 with one damn test. I was robbed! Ok, it was all my fault but holy macaroni y'all, I'm never going to learn Spanish! Not that way anyways. Either way, one more semester down and two more to go. (Also... sorry if that photo looks weird!)
This happened...
Why yes!, That is a Too Faced Chocolate Bar! I have been in love with/obsessed with/desperately wanting a Chocolate Bar for awhile now and the other day I decided that I was going to take my birthday money and splurge. It's so beautiful.
Ugh! I just adore it!
After that I experienced my first Mother's Day! Which was glorious! I spent all day with the Boy that made me a Momma! I also found out that my yard turtles were hiding an itty bitty secret!
Apparently Morty and Macy are parents! If you are wondering where I suddenly acquired turtles from... they came with the house and once belonged to the late previous owner. No one ever had the heart to take them away from their home and so now I have become their caretaker. I love them! Baby and I can both spend HOURS watching them! So I was very surprised to walk past the patio door and suddenly see this tiny little girl!
She's so cute! And currently nameless. I have a list going but none that I have decided on yet.
I spent the day missing the mothers in my life... Momzy, Grandmas, Great Grandmas, and Sissy!
But one mother was on my mind a lot yesterday... Grammy.
Pretty sure I listened to her voicemails on my phone about thirty times yesterday. She'd probably be mad if she saw what a sap I was being. I bet everything was pretty glorious in heaven though.
On a lighter note...
I have a new subscription box because Ipsy and having an Ulta literally right down the road are not enough. Maybe Mom is right, maybe I am a makeup hoarder. Anyways, this is a Glossybox and so far I haven't decided how I feel about it yet. It is $20/month but the products are usually full size. This box is worth about $78. Not bad.
I received my Ipsy bag today and I am not as impressed this month as I usually am. I just don't like to mix up the skin care products. I am currently having hell with my Clinique skin care system and I am not so sure introducing anything new in is the best idea. I am also upset I missed out on the Too Faced Bronzer a lot of the other subscribers ended up with. :( Sad.

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