Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just a little Birthday Update

So it was my birthday the other day... and now I am three years away from being thirty. Can you believe that? Trust me when I tell you that I can't. I still feel like I should be around 21ish but then I look around me and think... why would anyone ever want to be 21 again? One word... hangover. That's all I can really remember about being 21. Even more unbelievable news... On my birthday someone turned seven months old, guess who that could be....
I feel like he should still be a teeny tiny baby! :( We have recently learned so many things. He is trying to crawl, knows how to turn light switches off and on, sits up, and my personal favorite... says Momma. I had been working on the Momma thing for weeks and during playtime the other day he said it while reaching for me. Smarty Pants. Melted my heart. He now says it all the time and Baby Daddy got to hear it the other day. We are working on Dada now.
Also, speaking of birthdays... let me tell you, that Baby Daddy knows how to make me happy.
For my birthday I asked for this... 

For the past two years we have been sleeping on a hand-me down set that sat on a metal frame. That bed was the first bed that I had ever slept on that didn't have a headboard or footboard and for whatever reason that just bothers me. When we got married Joseph refused to sleep on my full size, which I don't blame him but I missed not having an actual bed. So I started begging for a new bed as soon as we found out we were moving. Yay! So excited about this. I have always wanted a sleigh bed! Also I can not wait for the rest of my furniture to be here. It looks a little strange in an empty room.
But then my Baby Daddy decided to spoil me a little further with these...
What?! iPad Mini and Diamond Candles? That guy! He knows how to treat a lady y'all! The candles just got here today but the other night I was looking at the Diamond Candles site because I had seen that they had new scents out and I really wanted the Mountain Air scent. So... when I opened the box and one of them was Mountain Air I was pretty impressed that he has me so figured out, and also, he could never go wrong with Cinnamon roll.
Anyways.. off to write a few term papers that are due tomorrow that I have been avoiding. Slacker. :(
P.S. Happy Birthday to one of my little sisters today! Pretty sure they were all just babies yesterday!

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