Tuesday, November 8, 2011

20.... Seriously?

So normally I try to ignore things like this because it's just the kind of thing that people like to argue over, (wait that doesn't sound like me at all, I love a good argument.) but has anyone else seen all the news about the Duggars announcing Michelle's 20th pregnancy? Even better she is 45 years old. What the heck people? What century are we living in?

Ok honestly, I understand their beliefs, I really do, but isn't there just a point when you stop and say, "Wait, I am putting my life in danger here.", or isn't there a point when her husband should be saying, "Wait, I don't want my wife's life to be in danger." How about that baby that they are fixing to bring into the world. Let's think about all the things that this child could be born with because of the mother's maternal age, birth defects, downs syndrome, mental retardation, and heaven forbid that they bring another premature baby in to this world that spends the first few months of it's life struggling to stay alive inside a hospital. Call me crazy, but I am having a hard time finding the pros to having twenty children. Yeah, yeah, I know, they can afford to do this financially but really...when is enough, enough? I am seriously worried that each one of their children will continue this and have twenty or more children of their own. Can you even begin to imagine? If each one of their children had twenty children that is 400 Duggar babies running around. They'd have to rent a stadium just for Christmas gatherings. Oh, and lets not forget the recent reports about the worlds overpopulation problem. Hey Duggars, save some room for the rest of us to produce offspring! Holy Macaroni!

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