Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Redecorating and Lushin' it up!

What?! Two blogs in a 24 hr period? I'm on a roll y'all. Actually... I have recently been working on Baby's sleep schedule again. With all of the traveling we have done over the past three months his schedule was upside down! Finally after a week of being settled he is starting to get back into his own groove. Thank you Baby Jesus! I was about to pull my hair out.

Anyways... I am writing this to show you all the fun things we have acquired today!

First we will start with Baby Love's new nursery stuff!
So, as you may know, leaving the old house behind was especially hard for me because I was not ready to leave Baby's nursery. There is just something special about a room that you pour all your heart into for your first munchkin. It was the room that I envisioned him in while he was still kicking away at my ribs. It was the room that I spent hours rearranging and searching for just the right stuff to go in. So when we had to pack it up after he only spent five months there... ugh, I was a wreck about it. When we picked out the house we are in now I looked for two things, a big back yard for my fuzzies and a sweet room for my Baby Love. I found both. His new room is huge though! I mean gigantic compared to what he had before so now I am working on revamping the nursery. I have lots of projects in the works which I will show you when I am done but for now I will show you our Amazon score.
How much fun is this? (Sorry the photo is so grainy) This is Baby's new night light! It's a light projector that is supposed to make his ceiling look like the bottom of the ocean! I can also plug my iPhone or iPod into it and it will play music. 
We also ended up with... 
A (faux) sheepskin rug for the Tipi! No tipi is complete without a furry rug! Duh! Chief Thunder Britches is in love with it by the way. He loves the way it feels. Also, I think I want to live in his Tipi. It's just so cute! I want one for myself. I could put it right next to his and we could be neighbors! :)

Today we celebrated Mother's Day because we were missing the Daddy for the actual day. Baby Daddy has been working crazy hours lately so we hadn't really seen or spent any time with him until today. He and Baby gave me a Mother's Day gift today though. 
First they gave me Duck Commander wine! 
And then they gave me a big ol' bag of Victoria's Secret! 
Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like booze and undies! Actually I think the Baby Daddy has ulterior motives here. He has been talking about another kid lately. He probably thinks this is the ticket to baby #2. Luckily for me... 

 He's at work and I'm being a lush so... that's not going to work. Just sayin'!

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