Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Nursey update!

Hi!, I have been pretty busy lately and lacking in blogging inspiration! I'm not even sure how that is possible with this cute kid that I could be writing about. I guess what I should say is that I have been lacking in motivation. Especially because......
It's soooooo HOT here and all I want to do is watch this sweet boy play in his palm tree pool! Also I have been reading a lot lately. I go though stages in which I will binge read for a few weeks. I've gone through and started rereading all of my favorites lately... "Favorite Memories of a Country Vet", "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels", "Madame Millie", and "With Love from Baghdad". I also found a V.C. Andrews series that I have read a million times on iBooks the other day and devoured the entire series within three nights. I also picked up "The Fault in our Stars" but regretted reading it afterwards. To soon to be reading books about cancer I think, but still I think it would have been an O.K. book if it wouldn't have tossed me back into thinking about my family's recent loss.

I have also been working on the house, which has not been going well. I just hate unpacking! I do have Baby Love's nursery pretty much done though...
Baby and I have decided to share some photos of it! 
The sunflower yellow peg board is our newest addition to nursery decor! Dang Pinterest has to many adorable ideas and I feel like I need to do all of them! And of course, no nursery would be complete without an old Murph dog!
The Tipi has been the best thing ever! We have spent hours playing in and around the TiPi! 
Baby recently started becoming very interested with his tiny rocking chair from Great Grandma & Grandpa in the corner. You should see him rock in it! So cute! 
We also really love this Melissa & Doug barnyard set from Aunt Nannon! He wants to play with it all the time! 
And of course his new walk in closet! 

I am still missing something for the area over his crib because I was unable to salvage the vinyl ducks sign from his old room. (Parts of it did however find its way into his baby book.) But we are working with the Grandducks Vickie and Randy to figure something out. Our new walls have a very rough texture and V, suggested putting one on a sign but I haven't been able to find anything I would want to put it on yet.

Speaking of his crib, something amazing has been happening lately. Well amazing for me anyways. My son has started sleeping in his own bed! And not just sleeping in his own bed, I lay him down at nine o'clock and he goes to sleep by himself without crying! We started this about three weeks ago. The first night he cried for about five minutes, the second night he cried for a couple minutes, and since then he hasn't cried a single night. I thought that this was going to be hard, turns out the only person who had a hard time at first was me. It had started to become way to hot for us to all sleep in the same bed though and he has recently started wiggling EVERY WHERE! The Baby Daddy can sleep through being kicked and gouged usually but I can not! For now he is sleeping in his own bed in our room because he is still nursing and I am to lazy to walk my sleepy self across the hall way at 3am but soon we will start introducing him into sleeping in his own crib in his own room. 
He still hasn't started crawling either, he does however scoot around on his butt and roll to whatever he wants. He also pulls himself up on everything. I'm starting to wonder if he will be one of those babies who goes straight to walking and by passes crawling. Someone has been hanging out everyday though and encouraging him to become more mobile on his own... 
He wants to go everywhere that his four legged blond brother goes. 

I love these three... and my kids natural faux hawk that has begun to come back! 

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