Friday, January 10, 2014

So many projects!

Baby Daddy and Ti the Terror have been away from home most of the week and this just so happened to be the week that Baby Love experienced his very first cold. On top of that, I ended up with it also so, this week has been anything but fun for the two of us. However, I can gladly say that we survived even though I felt like having a panic attack every ten minutes. A stuffy, fussy, very uncomfortable baby makes for a very stressed out Momma. I have a very hard time handling situations in which I can not fix. This next week should be equally interesting being as how we will be alone for it also and I have recently realized that I rely on Baby Daddy a lot to give me a much needed break at the end of the day.

So now that the holidays are over I have a new list of projects going on. I am sure if you are a Facebook friend you recently saw my last COMPLETED project. I say completed because I have about a million unfinished projects.
Isn't it just the cutest thing that you have ever seen? I discovered that in order to get things like this done I have to enlist my Mom which actually works out really good because we had a lot of fun putting it together and even though I can come up with the vision, I am not always that great at putting it together. Also, she has my Grammy's super amazing sewing machine so... :) 

And little Thunder Britches loved it too! I can not wait for him to be old enough to appreciate it. Baby Daddy thinks that I am crazy by the way.
  Baby Daddy: He is 3 months old! He isn't going to know what to do with it. He can't even walk or crawl yet.
Me: Did you have an imagination as a child? Did you find anything fun? Jeeze.
My poor logical husband.
Speaking of imagination... so I felt inspired today to snap a few pictures of Baby Love's nursery after a Facebook and long time friend made comments about how much she loves his nursery. :) I wanted Baby to have a room that could grow with him and for now I think that it is complete, for awhile anyways. When I found out that I was pregnant I immediately went straight to pinterest with a few ideas that I had already had in mind and started gathering more so that I could build my kiddo an amazing room. As a kid I always had really cool bedrooms. My bedroom at the ranch was all about science and space, I had telescopes and microscopes and glowing globes and stars on my ceiling, until I turned into a preteen girl and then my walls began to fill up with Johnathan Taylor Thomas and Elvis posters. My room in Capitan was full of tie dye, black lights, blow up furniture, door beads, and strobe lights. Anyways, as a kid, my room was always my sanctuary and I want my children to grow up with bedrooms that they can appreciate and that will spark their imaginations. ( I was also obsessed with building forts and tents as a kid which is where the Tipi idea came from, a little childhood imagination left over.)
It also pays to have a husband who is a talented contractor. I am constantly conning him into building or fixing something for me. Like the fox shelf in this picture. The side of the shelf are fox silhouettes. So cute! I also appreciate some very dear friends who sent us the wall decal that goes over his crib! The first time I saw that decal I knew we had to have it!  

I have been very blessed to have family and friends that have been able to pick up and understand my vision for this kiddo's nursery. I love all of the toys and d├ęcor that he has been given.

You see that dresser? It was one of the greatest deals of my life. I found that dresser in a thrift shop after looking for a six drawer dresser for a reasonable price for months. It originally had a price tag of $43 on it. Then I realized that the manager of this thrift shop was a person I had previously met when I worked at the hospital. I ended up talking them down to $20. Then when I went to pay for it I found out the NMSU students received a discount. I ended up paying $14. I then convinced Baby Daddy to sand it down for me and I repainted it with left over paint from Baby's room. Pretty sweet bargain.

I also have some amazing little camo letters that spell out baby's name. They were sent to me from a very special lady that I have not hung up yet. They will probably be going over his closet door but I'm not allowed to hang things in this house. You see, I married a perfectionist that runs around with his tape measure and level. To avoid arguments and so all blame is placed on him if something is not level or spaced correctly, I have relinquished all rights when  it comes to hanging things. I just point and wait for him to figure it out. :)
Also this week, my obsession with Fairy Gardens and houses has been refueled by my Momma. For Christmas she... ugh... I mean Santa Claus brought me the cutest little fairy garden kit.
You may remember how I once built this super cute fairy house...
But then some Labrador...
ATE it!
(I was also allowed to believe that something else had happened to it. It was a year later before Baby Daddy finally fessed up that his dog had eaten it.)
Now however I have once again conned Baby Daddy into building something else for me... a new fairy house! It seems only fair. I will be posting pictures of it as soon as we begin the process. I also sent my mother off on another fairy house related task. Wait till you see what we come up with!
Anyways, I'm off to cuddle a tiny baby! (And get away from one Bad Kitty with Beary, Beary sharp claws who thinks its funny to attack me from under the table!)

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