Monday, January 6, 2014

A smart mother would be sleeping but...

We finally made it back to our little desert home today after being in the mountains for two weeks straight over the holidays. I should be sleeping being as how Baby Love and Baby Daddy are both in our room snoring up a storm BUT I have missed my house and my cat so much that I am up blogging with a 30 lb. cat in my lap. And yes, DaBear really does weigh 30 lbs.

Before we left for the holidays I had this whole goal to post a photo and blog about Baby daily, and then we left for my little mountain home in which I do not always have internet at and so I failed, miserably, at accomplishing my goal. So, a little update....

In the past two weeks my Baby has...
1. Started rolling, a lot.
2. Started growling like a baby grizzly bear.
3. Started trying to sit up.
4. And Teething is now about to send us over the edge. Poor kid is miserable which means so is his mother.

He also made out like a little Bandit over the holidays! We have tons of new books, clothes, toys, and one amazing Baby Spa bathtub that has a whirlpool feature. I'm super sad I can not fit in this bathtub. Oh!, And... a Teepee that my Mom and I built for him.
Obviously we need longer sticks but it is Ah-mazing! I'll post pictures after Baby Daddy cuts new poles for it!
On a more serious note, I am very thankful that we were able to spend so much time in my beloved mountains and close to my family this year. I absolutely love seeing my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents interact with Baby Love. I also love that I was able to spend so much time with my grandmothers this year. I love their wisdom and my Maw's sweet soft heart! I love how excited she is about her first great grandbaby! I also love watching my Papa play with my baby! They are two peas in a pod.
I really missed my Grammy this year though. Our first Christmas without her was a little rough. A few weeks ago, while we were on our way to the mountains I was cleaning text messages and voicemails off of my phone when I discovered that I had a few voicemails from her that I had forgotten about. Both of course were about Baby Love and her asking if he had arrived yet. Pretty sure finding those two voicemails was the best gift I received this Christmas. I am amazed at all the things she taught me and is still teaching. She taught me what a good marriage is suppose to look like, and now she is teaching me to cherish all of the grandparents I have left. Thanks Grammy!

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  1. Love reading your blogs and keeping up with your FAM vdog love you.