Sunday, December 15, 2013

While the family is sleeping...

So guess what?! My little blog passed 3,000 page views!
That is pretty awesome being as how I post maybe once a month these days.
Does anyone remember how myspace had a tracker that would count how many times your profile had been viewed? I use to be super obsessed with that thing! Ridiculous.
Anywho, lucky me, I have had the opportunity to be on here twice this week. Actually, I just can not sleep and I have already scrubbed my kitchen down for the five millionth time.
I am sure that I will have to do it all again tomorrow because lets face it, even though Baby Daddy is the best Dad/hunter/Contractor/fly fisherman/husband ever, he is also the best at turning my spotless kitchen into a disaster zone and I do not find that nearly as hot as I find the other things previously listed. Speaking of hot...
I have gotten pretty good at sneaking pictures of Baby Daddy and Baby Love lately and I caught this moment today while we were visiting my Dad-in-Law. These two...ugh!, they just melt my little heart. Something about seeing your husband snuggle your tiny baby like this makes you fall in love with him all over again every time. In fact next time I am mad at him, he should just pick up our kiddo and do this and I will probably forget all about being mad.  
The sweet guys in my life also won a lot of brownie points today. Lookie, Lookie at what Momma got for Christmas! That's right, a Kitchen Aid Food Processor! Let me start out by saying that I am obsessed with all things Kitchen Aid! (Actually... apparently I am obsessed with a lot of things if you read this blog regularly... myspace page view counters, baby clothes, shipwrecks, turkey hunting, etc.) Baby Daddy and I were joking tonight as I was taking everything apart and learning how to put all the blades in and I learned that this is his version of a Christmas/Push gift. I am considering having another kid next year because I think I need a Candy Apple Red Kitchen Aid Mixer. Just Kidding. This processor is going to come in super handy this week when I decide to get it together and finish canning the millions of quince that are still in my garage though!
So tomorrow I am embarking upon a new project using this blog. I found this app that I have recently been using called, Time hop. If you are an avid Facebooker it is really cool because you can look back at things you posted on this day years ago.
Anyways because of this app I started thinking about using this blog to record the things that Baby Love does daily with pictures so that I can look back in a year and remember how tiny and precious he is now. especially since guess who will be 80 days old tomorrow?!

Yep this guy!
Can you believe it has been 80 days since this precious boy entered the world already? I am pretty sure I was just whining about being miserably pregnant yesterday!
Anyways stay tuned while I get this project up and rolling. This is going to require a huge amount of discipline on my part!


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