Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gearing Up for Our First Christmas

Today was my very last final of the semester and to celebrate Baby Daddy, Baby Love and I went out for a date night and Christmas shopping. Whoo! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to be done with this semester. I feel like I am running a race now. When I originally decided to go back to school I thought, "Ok, gonna take my time and get through this the right way." Now I catch myself thinking, "Ok, I have got to get this done so I can spend more time with Baby!" Amazing how all of your priorities change as soon as you become a parent. It is also amazing that now I feel like I am doing this more for him then I am myself. I mean sure, I want to have an actual career but I also want my kiddo to see how important education is. Even though Baby Daddy and I can not agree on that one. (Baby Daddy believes we should push him to do something that makes him happy and I believe in pushing him towards having an education whether he wants one or not because I believe it is going to come in pretty handy one day.)

 Also.. wow, I love how babies are like sponges! So before Reeves was even born I started reading to him every day and every night. We now have play time every day that consists of tummy time, reading time, then we play with his felt animals, etc. and we also read 1-3 books a night during bedtime. He loves reading time though, as soon as I pick up his books he begins smiling and cooing and it just melts my heart. I may be bias but I am convinced he is the most alert 11 week old I have ever met!

So tonight Baby Daddy, Baby Love, and I pretty much finished up our Christmas shopping and let me tell you. I have decided that being a parent at Christmas time is way more fun then being a kid at Christmas time. Although, I will say having a "new mom body" while Christmas shopping sucks. I have not really purchased clothing for myself in a long time and tonight while I was shopping I would look at something and think it was adorable but then I would remember the dreaded C section flab that I can not get rid of. Have other c section Mom's had an issue with this? I am back to my pre-baby weight, in fact I am a little under but, holy macaroni, you wouldn't know it by the extra flab I have right above my C-section scar that just refuses to go away.
I need to do something about my look soon though! Baby Daddy bought me this cute little NMSU sweater for Christmas but he got the wrong size so we went to campus the other night to exchange it (and yes, we are cheaters and have already gotten into our Christmas gifts to each other.) and while there I saw this girl in the cutest outfit I had ever seen and then I began to do the thing you should never do... I compared myself to her. Me- totally not rocking the day old Mom outfit complete with spit-up on one shoulder that I neglected to notice when I left the house. Ugh. I know, I am more awesome because in exchange for the cute outfit and slender body I gave birth to a faux hawk toting, perfect, precious, Baby Daddy look alike but feeling hot every now and then would be awesome too.
Anyways, back to being a parent at Christmas time.... not sure how I get off on little ventures like that.... tonight I bought my kid the cutest little outfits! I have to share because I can't keep them to myself.
Tractor Supply currently has baby Carhartt stuff on sale. Cute!
JC Penney also has most of their winter baby clothes on clearance! And yes, JC Penney is still around! How about I seriously questioned whether or not they were not to long ago! Also... they no longer produce and send out Christmas catalogs. Can you believe that? My entire life was once centered upon waiting until that time of year in which JC Penney would send out their Christmas catalogs! As soon as we got to Maw's house (my Grandma) I would quickly locate the JC Penney's catalog, circle basically everything in the toy section and then fight with my little sister because, "Oh no!, You did not just circle the same thing!" How are kids even suppose to come up with a wishlist?! Technology has ruined EVERYTHING!
Moving on...
Oh I love deer stuff. He also has the matching onesie Henleys to these Jammies.
Baby Daddy found this one all by himself and insisted on Baby Love having this for part of his first Christmas outfit! It is going to look adorable with his Baby Levis!
And then this little jacket. I saw this jacket before Baby Love was even born and I kept waiting for it to go on sale. I absolutely love this little jacket. I am now completely obsessed with baby clothes by the way. Love em'!
Look at the little elbow patches! *eeeeek!* It's so cute!
My new obsession with having a stylish kid is also probably why I am not so stylish myself these days.
However, I am really looking forward to our first Christmas as a family but I am looking forward to next Christmas even more because kiddo will be old enough to start getting excited about stuff! :)
Anyways... if I am not back before then....

We wish you all a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




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