Friday, December 20, 2013

The First Amendment

So... I am sure you are all watching the flood of Robertson news fill Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, etc. After hearing/reading the news on the recent comment made in GQ by the Robertson Patriarch I have been sitting back and watching what people have to say while deciding about whether or not I want to weigh in on this topic. I have decided that I am going to throw my own opinion out there, I am sure that some will not agree with me on this and that is perfectly fine, I am not asking for anyone else's opinion, nor am I forcing anyone else to read this. Also, even though I am not concerned with the opinions of others, I hope that you do have an opinion on this because lets face it kids, our society sucks. There was once a time in the American culture when issues like this meant something. A time when people were grateful and appreciated their rights and the rights of others.

Ok first of all if you have not read the entire article I suggest you do. You can find it Here. I have noticed a trend that those who do not agree with what he said are missing the point and are also totally uneducated because they heard someone say something or they are only reading the part that the media wants them to see and that is that Phil Robertson was placing his judgment against homosexuality. Clearly if you read the article that is not what happened. Also for the record, I have absolutely nothing against homosexuality. I have friends in the LGBTQ community and I love them dearly but this has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Phil Robertson or I have any beliefs towards that, this is about freedom of speech.

As a Christian family, avid family of hunters and fishermen, and red blooded conservative American's I am deeply saddened that Phil Robertson has been treated this way for exercising his right to use the First Amendment. He clearly stated in this article that while his belief is that homosexuality is a sin, he never says that he is, or believes that it is his right to judge. If he would have said that his belief was that heterosexuality was a sin do you believe that it would have been blown way, way, out of proportion like this has? I very seriously doubt it. (Although I am sure we would all be a little shocked and confused if Phil Robertson were to ever say that.) What has happened to our country? We will all sit by and watch as Miley Cyrus grinds a foam finger but a devoted God-fearing man expresses his beliefs on what the Bible tells us is morally right and all of a sudden America is an uproar. What?! How does this even make sense? How did we get here?

I am also saddened that GQ would even publish this article and I find the writer of this article to be VERY disrespectful. First of all let me say that I am the worst when it comes to cussing, my husband has on occasion called me, "Momma Trucker Mouth" because if I am angry more than likely you are going to hear my "coping skill" which usually starts with the letter F. (This is something I am working on changing by the way. I realize that as a parent the last thing I ever want is a school calling me because my kid has a dirty mouth and guess who he learned it from?)  Anyways, I find this writer to be disrespectful because the Robertson family is very open about how they feel about portraying themselves on tv and that they do not want to be shown as a bunch of dirty mouthed individuals. I can hardly believe that they would have been ok with the words this individual wrote in an article about them. I do realize that he was only expressing his own right to use the First Amendment but come on... are we that far out of touch with being respectful? It seemed like this individual was all about respecting this man in his home but as soon as he began to write he changed gears somewhere. If he was writing an article about his father or grandfather would he have used the same kind of language?

I believe that the Robertson's are a family worth looking up too and not just because I feel like their family thinks and feels the same way that my little family and I do. I believe that they are worth looking up to because they have gone through many of the struggles and hardships that we have all been through but they still have faith. Their faith may not be the same as yours but regardless they are a strong family who I believe are genuinely concerned with the salvation of others.

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