Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preparing the troops

I've always worried about what it is going to be like for the fuzzies on the day that we bring a new baby home. Well that day will soon be approaching and I have been reading up and working on how to prepare  them for that day. It may sound crazy to some but, my fuzzies are just as much a part of our family as we are and obviously they are going to be spending as much time around the baby as I am. Especially being as how both dogs sleep next to our bed and are my great protectors during the day.

1. The Two Great Protectors-
I have been convinced that the dogs know something is up since early on in my pregnancy and I say this because of the level of aggression these two have suddenly developed towards strangers if I am home alone. If someone knocks on our door before I can get them outside, forget it, they are going to be eaten if I open that door because they make sure to body block me from the other person. I am interested to see if they continue to react this way when Reeves gets here. I have read that little can be done to stop this and that it is their natural instinct to protect expectant owners.

2. Baby Cries-
 I started looking up baby crying videos on youtube so that I could watch them react to the sound. Murphy could careless, Ti listens and DaBear panicks. I am afraid we may not see the cat for awhile. He absolutely does not enjoy baby noises.

3. Baby Smells-
Both of my dogs are scavengers, they go through EVERYTHING! I bring a bag home from the store and both of them will have their heads inside of it before I can turn around. It's been worse with baby stuff, Ti not only has to smell but taste everything we come home with. I am tired of washing stuff but so far they have been ok with everything.

4.Baby Toys-
The fight against Ti has already begun. He loves to sneak into Reeves' room and pluck a stuffed animal out of the basket when I am not paying attention. I have no idea how to break him of this. I have tried getting on to him, hiding toys, you name it, he still drags them out. I'm worried one day he is going to discover binkies.

5. The Nursery-
I have been super crazy lately about not wanting the cat to be familiar with the nursery and I have gotten back into the habit of locking him out of our room at night. The dogs love to go in and sleep at the foot of his crib during the day while I am in there but I freak whenever I see DaBear slinking in around the corner. I have read a million horror stories lately and I feel a little guilty for excluding him from the group but I can't help it. Poor Bear Cat. :(

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