Sunday, August 5, 2012

And then Squirrel got another family...

So, if you keep up with me, you know that we are about to embark on a new journey to Las Cruces, however one member of our family is not going with us. My darling husband has a serious case of asthma and is allergic to my kittens. Being as how the Squirrel cat is mainly an indoor cat that spends his day lounging on the couch we decided that he deserved a better life where he could continue his luxurious lifestyle. As of this weekend he has a new family and a new little boy that loves him dearly. Seriously though, this has been like giving one of my children up for adoption but I am very happy that Squirrel has gone to a family that I know, love, and trust. As for the Bear cat, he will continue to live with us being as how DaBear has always been his own cat and does not care about being snuggled with, unless it is on his own terms.

See you around Squirrely, and thanks for all the joy you brought to my life.

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