Monday, December 12, 2011

Because my friend is a genius and you need one...

So I have this friend that I like to refer to as Happy Cobra but you can call her Ashley and she is a genius. Seriously... A freakin' genius y'all. I would tell you all about her degrees and credentials but honestly, there are to many of those for me to even begin to remember what they are so I will just tell you this, she has more talent and craftiness in her pinky finger than I have in my whole body. About six or so months ago she told me that she was going green and becoming a hippie. Which at first I kind of was concerned over because lets face it, when one thinks hippie, they imagine long hair, Jesus boots, and smelly feet. However this way of thinking is apparently old school and when she said hippie she meant new age hippie. New age hippies have short hair, drink flowering teas that taste like carnations, and cut up tin cans to turn into delightful little necklaces. The photo that I am about to show you does not do her work justice because I was responsible partly for this one and according to her husband, I am NOT an excellent driller. I am not going to explain that because there is an inside joke behind it that I am sure you will understand if you have a dirty mind but whatever. So I encourage you to get in touch with me so that I can pass your information along to her so that you can purchase a piece of Happy Cobra's ( I mean Ashley's) work. Personally I believe that they would make excellent stocking stuffers!

Coors Original and Peace Tea... Simply delightful.

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