Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Return of Fatty McFat Cat

Hello Everybody! I know... once again it has been awhile since I sat down and blogged. Life has been... chaotic lately. We have had it a little rough these last few months and then some but finally we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least I hope we are.

In the beginning of January we moved back to good ol' New Mexico and the first thing we did is walk into a flooded rental home. *Sigh* what a way to welcome us back New Mexico! On this same night Baby Daddy went slipping and sliding out the back door and down the back porch steps and broke his ankle, just two days before he was supposed to start his new job. Thankfully he was put on a medical leave so he didn't loose his job but that also meant no real income flowing in. Thankfully we had just enough in savings to get by but that savings was meant to start looking to purchase a place so we are back at square one but hoping and praying we can get back on our feet again soon so we can purchase our first home together and stop all this moving and renting because let's face it, no one wants to hear me whine and moan about moving again any time soo! I am kind of tired of it myself. Baby Daddy had his cast removed yesterday and is now in a walking boot. Hopefully he will be back at work soon, for his sake mainly. Homeskillet was about to drive me crazy with all his stir craziness.

All of this moving has been super hard on my back so this last week I finally sucked it up and we took a trip to ABQ to see my specialist. I was afraid that I was developing symptoms for Flatback syndrome which is something those of us with Harrington rods are at a big risk for but it turns out that I have actually developed a case of radiculopathy which is a big word meaning I have a whole bunch of nerve damage. In order to treat it I am going to start physical therapy and go back to ABQ in May so we can determine whether or not that is helping. If it doesn't then my Dr. wants to start medication or injections. Both of which I am not down with sooo.... pray the PT helps! I have had some of the injections before and did not enjoy them one single bit.

The trip was nice though. It was nice to just get away for a day and be away from everything that has been happening here. Plus some Baby I know got to live it up at Toys R Us, Baby Daddy made a trip to Sportsman's and Charlies and of course, I could not resist a trip to Sephora for the new Tarte Tartelette palette that I have been dying to have! Funny how as soon as you move back into rural America you pick up old habits again. Like saving up all of your shopping for the moment you get to "go to town".

Baby Love is busy teething and talking and has recently started walking more. He is a late bloomer in the walking department. When we lived in Texas he had started learning to walk but one day he had a pretty bad fall on our tile floor which resulted in him deciding that crawling was much easier and safer. I am not sure if I am ready for this though. This walking business is opening a whole new world and more things to climb on that he didn't really notice before. I have a lot of issues lately with him getting so big. Where has the time gone? I feel like it's flying by!

In other news... the chosen one has returned to us!
While Baby, Ti, and I are soooo excited to have him home Daddy is not as excited.

Baby Daddy: WHAT?! Why is your mom bringing the cat?
Me: He's my cat! Why wouldn't she?
Baby Daddy: Because we GAVE him to her.
Me: No we did not!
Baby Daddy: Well I did.

I guess he is a little more accepting this week. I did catch him singing his version of soft kitty to DaBear the other night.

Baby Daddy: Fat Kitty, Round kitty, Little ball of laaarrrdddd.
Me:What are you doing?
Baby Daddy: letting him know how I feel about him.

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