Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Too Faced

Let's be honest here, I have a serious problem or more of a serious obsession...

with makeup. Well mostly Too Faced products. So whenever the new Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar was announced I was ecstatic. As soon as I could order it on Sephora I did and then I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally today it arrived and....
it looked like this. Actually not even like this. This is after I spent forever cleaning it up. Actually it looked like a black sandy mess when I first opened the box. Whoever packed this needs to relearn how to pack a palette that is going to be shipped across the country. Seriously, there wasn't any packing material in the box except one tiny square of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Come on Sephora! Ugh! They are sending me another and lets hope that this time it makes it all in one piece. The waiting again is going to be killer though. So disappointing. I know.. no one probably actually cares about this except my select few friends that are also makeup hoarders. Not everyone has had the opportunity to have their lives changed by a Chocolate Bar. :)

Anyways, we are on the home stretch as far as moving goes now. All of the last of our stuff is pretty much in the trailer but we have been iced in by the ice storm going on here in Odessa. Also let's talk about this ice storm business for a second. I thought people were messing around with me when they told me that they receive these here. Ice storms are a little frightening. I can drive in the snow, the rain, you name it but there is no way I am leaving my little niche in this stuff again. This whole thing doesn't even make sense to me or Baby Daddy. We both are having a hard time understanding how it could be so cold here, with some kind of moisture falling from the sky yet, it's not snow. Shouldn't it be snow? (Don't start rattling off a bunch of meteorology jargon to me either. Just let me have my rant.) And drivers... ok, I thought that Texas drivers were scary before... this is like Ruidoso after a snowstorm during Christmas break times fifty when they are all coming off the ski mountain and no one owns a four wheel drive. Just saying. I have to get out of here ASAP.

Also, would you like to hear a fun story.... According to my neighbor we literally dodged a bullet a few nights ago. While we were in New Mexico someone decided to go up and down our street and shoot every one's vehicles up. Thankfully we had both of our pickups with us and they missed Baby Daddy's work pickup but man... I am going to be so glad to be out of this place in a few days. (And we live in the nice part of town!) 

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