Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 First Trimester Rants

Soon I will be entering the second trimester... here is what I have learned, decided, pretty much the things that I need to vent about concerning the first trimester.

1. I miss my clothes and my boots. Every time I put on the peacock boots that I love so much, my feet immediately swell and I cry inside.

2. I swear after this is said and done I am going to pay more attention to excersize and eating healthy because parts of my body are becoming invisible to me already from certain angles when I sit or stand and that freaks me out. I thought I'd be cool with it but nope... not cool with that.

3. Pregnancy isn't for everyone, especially people who love margaritas.

4. I love margaritas.

5. 2 kids seems like the perfect number for me.

6. Yep, my back still sucks and it seems to remind me more everyday. I use to have my back pain mentally blocked out but it's front and center these days.

7. If one more person has this conversation with me I will punch them: Person: how are you feeling? Me. Tired, grouchy, I want a nap but everything is good. Person: The fatigue will go away, it's ALL WORTH IT! ....Umm yes, I know it's worth it. In September I will be a mother, I've always wanted to be a mother, I don't need you to remind me of that right now. Maybe I like babies and not so much the first trimester of pregnancy. Shit!

8. I do not understand why new baby = mini van. For some reason people keep asking, "So, are you getting rid of your truck and getting a car?" Dude... First of all... crazy back condition, lifting a car seat up into my pickup is easier than bending down to put a baby in a car. I even tested this theory recently with a friend's kid. Second, just no. I love the truck, waited  years for the truck, probably going to drive the truck till the wheels fall off because... well because our president sucks and I give all my money to the government.

9. I think I live in my bathroom more than any other room in my house. Let's be honest, you are either contemplating throwing up or just how bad you need to pee 85% of the time. The rest of the time you're probably in the shower because your skin is suddenly super oily and sweating now happens at all temperatures.

10. I miss food. All I want to eat is fruit and sweets. Red meat tastes like metallic blood and when I see a big nice steak my stomach flips and then flops... and I die inside a little. just sucks. period. All of these preservatives make me feel worse.

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