Monday, February 25, 2013

It's all fun & games until someone falls asleep mid sentence

I gave this blog that ^ name because that very thing almost happened to me this weekend... at work... in front of my boss. Yep. Ridiculous.
So... the morning sickness has yet to go away. It's less intense these days but it's still here. In it's place however is fatigue. When I say fatigue I mean grueling, can't think, can't speak, just want to lay down for a couple of years fatigue. How on earth do women do this after they have already had a couple of children? Or even just one? Where on earth do they find the time for a nap or even just to sit down for a couple of moments?
Today I made myself push through the fatigue for awhile, went to class, got some grocery shopping done, put together some freezer crock pot meals, cooked dinner, watched a documentary for school, watched TV with the husband and now here I am. I am super tired, I don't even know why I am writing this. I think it's because I am so tired that I can't sleep. This is probably just a bunch of mindless rambling.
I did however learn one very important lesson today! I know how to save money on groceries now! Wanna know the secret? Ok, I will tell you. The secret is.....DO NOT  take your husband grocery shopping with you. I spent $81.34, prepared and  put 12 crock pot freezer meals in the freezer, 16 homemade breakfast burritos and 16 lunch burritos in the freezer, bought a gallon of milk, cereal, and I still have a bunch more freezer meals to make tomorrow. Amazing! Plus it took me 30 minutes to gather up this stuff at the store. With the husband, a shopping trip could take hours. Husband: I need chips. Me: They aren't on the list, I didn't budget that in. Husband: So? Me: Nope. Should have put them on the list when I said, "Husband is there anything you want on the list?" ... Ten minutes later we are still arguing over chips.
Anyways, I am now so tired that I may fall asleep mid sentence again and I keep having to fix my spelling which means I am not with it. Goodnight all! Love, V and Mini V

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