Monday, November 26, 2012

Whoa.. Whoa... Where have I been?

How come no one told me that I hadn't posted on here since August? Sheesh! I thought it was just last week!
So let me tell you, I love my life here. I miss home EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I love my new home too. I love our cute little house, I love being just down the street from school, I even like my job, even though I am not sure how much I like the hours. Also, I love this time in my marriage. Really, even with all the stress that comes with being newlyweds, this first almost six months has been pretty fun. I am married quite the comic and he puts up with me. He puts up with my bad driving ( for the record, I am the good driver here. He freaks out over nothing and he has some road rage going on but I am willing to take one for the team), he puts up with my temper tantrums, and he turns out the light every night so I don't have to get out of bed because I always forget. He is also the one that mows the lawn, cleans the back yard, takes out the trash, and wakes up with the dogs every morning at 6am. (Although he really doesn't have a choice on that last one, Ti is going to wake him up regardless.) As I was saying however, For these things I am grateful!

School is going pretty well, only two more weeks until a month of freedom. :) I am pretty happy that I made the choice to come back here though, this was definitely what was best for my education. 

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