Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Life Lately...

8.29.2011 Fresh Start

It seems like I had been waiting for this month for a lifetime. In April I pledged to myself that this would be the year that I would begin to get my ducks back in a row and start moving past the divorce and everything else that had hindered me from making any life choices. It feels like since the day I left Las Cruces I had always found one more reason, one more excuse to keep myself from going back to school and starting my own life. I am beginning to see my life take shape again and I am enjoying looking forward to all the opportunities that I am making available to myself. I recently had an argument with a friend of mine who in her own words thinks I am, “to damn stubborn and hard headed and all you can see is what you want.” Maybe that is true, but right now I do not think any of those things are bad qualities to have. I want so much for myself such as, an education, a career, a comfortable life, and someone to share it with. I want to be able to do every thing that I can possibly imagine doing.

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