Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And now I am being overrun... by Dum Dums.

I recently made friends with the fiance of an old high school friend and started helping her do things for her wedding. Then I was enlisted to help with flowers, and then as a bridesmaid. Now the best part about this whole deal, besides becoming really good friends with the Bride to Be is that finally, after all of these years, I had the opportunity to make a Dum Dums, rehearsal bouquet. My mother had made my aunt one about eleven years ago and since then I have been waiting for the opportunity to make one. I just love them. The only problem is that it's close to Halloween time and the only bag I could find of these suckers was HUGE! And now I am going to have to hide them from myself until Halloween gets here so I don't end up eating them! I hate candy, like really loathe it, yet it never seems to fail, hand me a piece and before you know it....

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