Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get it together!

Apparently I hate finals, because I would rather be doing anything than what I should be doing right now. For example, it's been months since I have written a blog, yet here I am, blogging instead of writing a term paper or taking a final. Actually, this blog has been a long time coming, a lot has happened since my last blog.

Exhibit A
Yes, that is in fact a diamond ring and I am wearing it on my left hand. 
This is the guy that gave it to me. Yes, you are correct, he is in fact a hottie.
Exhibit B
 I turned 25. :( And I panicked about it a little because 25 is really the last exciting birthday.
But then that hot guy bought me a sweet camera and I ran around playing paparazzi and felt better about being old. Also, my vehicle insurance went down considerably. $98- full coverage on two vehicles. Winning! 
 Also, my camera takes sweet pictures. For example this Mallard I caught at the Rio Ruidoso this last weekend. Look at the wing spectrum on that baby! Pretty much a professional right now. 
Exhibit C
Look who's all grown up!, and very Bitey. We are seriously ready for the teething to be over. I miss being able to scatter random pairs of flip flops through out the house. :(
However, someone is still a little upset now and then but getting use to Ti the Tornado all up in his personal space. Poor old man. 

So, now that I have wasted a good thirty minutes, I guess it's back to finals. Wish me luck.

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