Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Student + dying= Studying

Image 1.1 V's life these days
Just in case you were wondering what has recently happened to me....
 I decided to share a picture to show you just exactly where I have been. (see image 1.1) I am guessing you were not all that concerned though being as how I have not met a search party out looking for me and I have not recently received any comments asking where I have been. That makes me sad, you should feel bad about that. Anyways, where I have been recently is buried under all of this damn homework. I probably should have thought that whole, "Let's take a whole S*%T load of classes!" idea through a little more than I did. I didn't though and now here I am, sharing my afternoons with punnet squares and Cartesian coordinate systems, (in which I despise), and serial killers, lots and lots of serial killers. Actually, I enjoy the serial killer part. (Don't freak out. I'm a Criminal Justice major and this is the kind of weird stuff we are into. Not the punnet squares and ccs, we could care less about those.)

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  1. Well I don't feel bad- you know why Missy??? I've sent out a friggin' search party and all you tell them is "Uh no I can't hang out.... I'm too busy fishing".... Dang fishing entittlist now! You should feel bad! Ha!